Why You Should Always Have An Emergency Radio with You

Emergency radios can become a means of survival in an emergency or tragedy. No one wants one, but everyone should prepare for one. Plan for the worst and hope for the best is always a good motto to follow. That means being prepared for the worst thing they can imagine.

What is an emergency radio? Well, a radio to be used during an emergency. Something like a disaster or crises some other such event. And I do not mean like when your spouse comes home from work unannounced with their boss and wife expecting supper and you did not even have supper started.

An emergency radio is generally bit different than your standard radio. It should have some basic characteristics setting it apart as an emergency radio to be an emergency radio.

Characteristics like batteries are not its primary power source. This kind of radio is better known as radio dynamo or dynamo radio if you prefer. They get their power from a hand crank generator. Another kind  might be solar powered radio who’s power comes from the sun. (sorry, but there maybe a few from Rio Linda who do not know what solar means.)

The reason these radios are so great over standard battery operated radios is they will work on power sources that are readily available. Batteries may not always be available. Think on this. The sun is almost always around, at least during the daytime. And you always or let’s hope always have a hand to crank the dynamo radio no matter where you might find yourself stranded or in what conditions.

Getting information from the radio during an emergency or disaster can direct you to safety or give you needful information. Or it can be just plain comforting to know what is going on around you.

A hand crank radio is known as a dynamo radio with a small crank to charge a small internal battery to power the radio and/or flashlight if one is built in. The operating time will vary on the how long the radio is cranked and the volume it is played. When the playing stops simply crank up the radio again and let the dancing resume.

A solar powered radio has a small solar cell which converts the sunlight into electric energy. It to has a small built in battery charged by the sun’s rays. The solar power maybe used to play the radio during the day or to charge the batteries for later use.

Some of these solar dynamo radios have ports for charging cell phones and a flashlight for use when things get a bit too dark to see.

You never know when tragedy or an emergency can strike. It would be a tragedy if a simple tool could prevent serious harm to you or a loved one because you laced basic information. Whatever you do, get an emergency radio and get in your vehicle, boat, home, office or wherever you may find yourself whenever that unfortunate event finds you.

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